About Us
Company Introduction
TAICHONG ENGINEERING & STEELWORKS SDN. BHD. is a professional and experienced company that specializes in custom design & fabrication of precision machinery, service & maintenance of factory equipment, fabrication of factory building steelworks, etc. Our premise is based on Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia.

Our company Business policy is contributing to the domestic and foreign manufacturer with advance, high and reliable technology, superior quality, satisfaction guaranteed service and on-time delivery. With our professional and experienced team, we have the capability to offer customers solutions in regards to any project at competitive prices in a timely manner with integrated solutions from design and through production to delivery.

We are confident that our knowledge of service will assist us in building a strong and long-lasting relationship with our customers. We are sure our service will meet or exceed customer’s expectations.
Product and Parts/Mold Design
Taichong excels in both product design and mold design. Our customers not only have a need for the services that we provide, but we also put great value in our capabilities to deliver products to market faster than our competitors. We offer our optimal design recommendations based on customers products and requirements

At Taichong, we have an innovative engineering design staff, which consists of over 21 engineers and technicians. We establish a unique structure called "technology and costing team" by which a designated manager can coordinate the whole design process and the process is conducted by the representatives from each department, among which are product designers, manufacturing engineers, and quality engineers and all of them work as a unit so as to get the "best pratices" for the customers.

Taichong has extensive CAD/CAM platforms and an engineering database transfer process to provide excellent flexibility for our customers. The customer provides the 2D drawing or 3D data in Softtech, GibbsCam, IGES, Solid Designer, Solidworks, Inventor or DXF and DWG etc. And we will appoint experienced engineers to design the mould assembly drawing, and then customize the project .
Project Management
Once we receive the purchasing order from our customer, an experienced project engineer will be authorized to be responsible to follow up on the whole project. After confirm the final drawings with customer, we will provide parts/mold layout and mold report to customer for approval. During the process, we will provide weekly process report and photos for customer’s on-line checking. . We also provide steel material guarantee and hardness report to customer for reference.

Taichong program management staff is fully capable of handling all of customer’s requirements. All of our project engineers have over 30 years tracing experience. We will offer the below information to customer when we follow up the project
Business Ethic / Quality Policy
  • We keep your information in strictest confidence.
  • Committed to total quality & excellence
Our Specialities
  • Custom design and fabrication of precision machineries and production line
  • Custom design and fabrication of precision rare/special engineering parts and tooling
  • Layout design of new equipment or production line and facilities installation
  • Recondition and factory equipment and refurbish of production line
  • Service and maintenance of factory equipment
  • Dismantle, shift and transfer factory equipment
  • Fabrication of factory building steel metalwork’s

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